Psychotherapy Services

315How Does Therapy Work? What is the process going to be like?

Recovery of wellness is often a staged process of rapport-building, issue identification, problem-solving and healing. With a combination of counseling techniques and therapies, clients can move beyond problem identification towards genuine change and healing. Collaboratively we co-create customized, innovative, empowering treatments with an eclectic approach integrating, expressive, mind-body, positive psychology and wellness therapies.

If you have questions about these approaches, please do not hesitate to ask. Compatibility with a therapist is important. During your initial sessions, I will take time to gather some information about you. The process will allow me to get to know you, to understand your current concerns and become familiar with significant people in your life and your family of origin. During this time we will build an alliance on trust and integrity.

If information gathered at this time indicates a diagnosis is warranted, this data will be shared with you in a collaborative and informative manner. Based on the information from these initial sessions, we’ll take the next two or three sessions to cooperatively create a course of treatment and goals that best address the concerns that prompted you to enter treatment. The counseling process is collaborative and can’t be done without your full participation. and willingness to examine new ways of addressing your problems. Many times people begin to work on one issue and find there is more to work on as the process unfolds.


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                                 Issue Identification                                                           Problem-Solving                                                    and Deep Internal Healing


Grounded in family systems theory and focused on healing through trauma-informed, yoga-informed, mind-body-based care, I draw on a range of counseling approaches including; psychodynamic, transpersonal, existential, expressive, mindfulness and behavioral (DBT and CBT). With a willingness to challenge ingrained patterns, together we sojourn toward self-awareness and compassion for self. Emblematic moments from the past may have become conditioned responses in the present. We focus on here and now and historical events to inform your process. TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), mindfulness, sensorimotor psychotherapy and somatic awareness help unlock and re-program stored arousal in the body from old traumas.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy-
I am competent to work with adults of all ages as individuals, in couples, families or groups and draw on a range of counseling approaches including psychodynamic, transpersonal, analytic, Jungian, family systems, somatic, sensorimotor, mind-body, mindfulness, existential, expressive, TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), CBT, DBT, Trauma and Solution-Focused

Couples Psychotherapy- Family systems, psychodynamic, transpersonal, analytic, Jungian, somatic, sensorimotor, mindfulness, Gottman method

Family Psychotherapy- Integrates Structural and Constellation Therapies to find unconscious loyalties

Therapeutic Groups offered currently

Group Therapy

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